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Happy November - The Exchange is now open!

Now that trick or treating is behind us, Starbucks has released its holiday themed cups and the grocery stores are stocking cranberries and stuffing mix. But before we get too excited for the holiday season, we cannot forget there is another big item to check off our list.

As of November 1, the Healthcare Exchange is officially open and closes December 15th for insurance in 2019. If you are not provided insurance through your employer, this is the easiest way to provide insurance for yourself and your family.

Plans are provided at all costs and provide various levels of coverage. It is important to understand what you are signing up for and where you can use those services. Below is a list of common words that you will see when signing up and some helpful definitions.

  • Deductible: typically a deductible amount means that you must reach this amount of spending before increased reimbursement kicks in

  • Co-pay: A copay is the amount that you will pay upfront before receiving care; there are usually different amounts for different types of visits like ER, primary care and specialists

  • Health Savings Account (HSA): this is a special type of tax-free account that can be used on healthcare spending

Enrollment this year is more important than ever as the state of the healthcare market is more unstable than ever. Midterm elections, executive orders and judicial power changes can have many impacts on the marketplace and the state of healthcare throughout the country. It looks now as if states will have more power in regulating the healthcare insurance market, which can have both positive and negative.

Go to to get signed up today!

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