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Improved Efficiency

The primary focus of Nolan Practice Management is to make your practice more efficient. We create efficiency through process improvement and reduction in waste, all while creating buy in from the staff. Nolan PM tailors every proposal to each individual practice because we recognize that practices are not all the same. Improved productivity can have an incredible impact on a practice's success, affecting operations, financial management and marketing services. Examples of these impacts are below.


Efficiency can lead to operational improvements and advantages to include:

  • Employee Satisfaction & Retention

  • Decreased Patient Wait Times

  • Decreased No Show Rates

  • Increased Patient Volume

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Improved Throughput

  • And Many More

Efficiency can lead to increased revenue and decreased expense to include:

  • Increased Revenue from Patient Visits

  • Increased Patient Collections

  • Improved Billing - leading to Increased Revenue, received timely

  • Decreased Supply Expense

  • And Many More

Efficiency can also assist in marketing and outreach efforts to include:

  • Increased Patient Referrals from outside physician practices

  • Improved Patient Satisfaction

  • Smoother Transitions of Care for Patients

  • Increased Brand Recognition

  • And Many More

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