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How the upcoming election affects your healthcare

Unless you are living under a rock, you are very aware of the upcoming elections. Here in San Antonio, early voting began this week and there have been lines around the buildings with people ready to cast their votes.

One of the biggest topics during this election is going to be healthcare - there are a number of different legislations and potential solutions being talked about. Here’s a couple of big regulations to pay attention to.

MACRA/MIPS - This quality payment plan falls under the Medicare realm and aims to reimburse physicians based on quality care. Even coming into its third year, these regulations are very confusing and neglect a lot of smaller provider groups.

ACA Waivers - On Monday, the Trump administration announced that CMS has transitioned power over innovation waivers for the insurance exchanges from the federal government to the states. In simple terms, this means that states can regulate insurance exchanges and adapt them to a variety of unique models. It will be important to continue to monitor each state and their approach.

Medicaid Expansion - A large portion of the Affordable Care Act involved Medicaid expansion (increasing eligibility requirements for Medicaid) and it was left to each individual state to determine their course of action. As elections are decided, the question of expansion will again become important.

Do you need help navigating these regulations as they change real time? Nolan HCS is here to help!

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