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Is this the future of healthcare?

Firstly, what is telemedicine? Telemedicine or Telehealth is the use of technology in the place of physician visits. Many companies are now using virtual visits, rather than the patient having to physically show up to a hospital, urgent care or office. Services are limited to acute care and obviously are not able to treat emergency issues.

The biggest benefit of telemedicine is convenience. Many services offer a direct line to a physician within minutes without having to leave the house. With a quick phone call or video chat, you can receive a consult, a treatment plan, and a prescription, if necessary.

Telemedicine is also not just a benefit for patients, but can also be a great alternative for physicians as well. Many physicians are excited about the idea of being able to work with patients remotely and still bill a patient visit.

Telemedicine is still in its early stages and mostly focused on primary and acute care, but the possibilities are endless. There has already been talk of providing telemedicine services for specialties, chronic disease management and population health.

We’ll continue to blog about this topic as it is changing regularly and being talked about as the future of healthcare delivery.

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