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Looking for more access to your doctor at lower rates? Check this out.

Towards the end of last year, we began to introduce some alternatives to normal healthcare services, ones that take place in a doctors office and run through the standard fee for service model.

Another up and coming model that has become an alternative to the traditional insurance product is direct primary care. For a monthly premium, patients have unlimited access to their primary care physician.

These physicians do not bill insurance under a typical fee for service model, but rather provide their services for a monthly rate billed directly to the member. This is a benefit to the physician because it eliminates the need to negotiate with insurance companies, use resources to bill through insurance, and wait months to receive reimbursements.

This also provides physicians an opportunity to connect with their patients and focus on a particular population. So often primary care physicians are only able to make a living by seeing their patients for 15 minutes at a time and it becomes more about quantity, rather than quality. This is a much more satisfying model for both patient and provider.

Not only does this system lead to an increase in patient and provider satisfaction, but also an improvement in health outcomes. There have been studies completed that show the increased focus on the patient leads to better chronic care management and overall improvements in health.

All in all, this new patient care model is proving to be efficient, satisfying, cost effective and healthier for patients.

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