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Our Trip To The MGMA Operations Conference

This week, our founder, Lindsey Herman Nolan, was able to attend the Medical Group Management Association’s (MGMA) 2019 Operations Conference in Austin, Texas. The conference was two full days of educational sessions, networking and great reviews of industry wide data. We also got a chance to stop by the Texas Chapter of the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) Annual Conference.

This was the first national event for Nolan Health Care Solutions and was a success. While at MGMA, Nolan HCS was able to gain insight on a number of topics, ranging from the top performance indicators to be tracking, an update on the transition to value based care and reimbursements, keys to patient collections, and many related to organizational culture and employee retention. All practices face these issues and Nolan HCS now brings a new perspective after these educational sessions.

In addition to a lot of learning, Nolan HCS was also able to have some fun networking with our peers. Nolan HCS met administrators from all over the country, specializing in everything from Dermatology to OBGYN to Ophthalmology. In addition to other administrators, the conference had a full lineup of vendors, allowing Nolan HCS is create partnerships in order to provide our customers the best rates and services on everything from supplies to practice management software to staffing and HR services. Additionally, Nolan HCS was able to stop into an event held by HFMA of Texas and talk a bit with our financial partners.

Lastly, Nolan HCS was able to interface with the MGMA staff themselves. It can be hard to stay in touch with organizations that are not located in our geographic area, but the MGMA staff made themselves very available. We were able to come home with some new compliance templates for our customers and new books filled with the latest best practices. The most interesting tool that we previewed was the national database that MGMA supplies - it provides true data in all areas of the practice (financially and operationally). This is a huge resource that practices working with Nolan HCS will now be able to utilize in order to ensure that practices are running at the most efficient level possible. This level of data collection has previously only been afforded to large companies who can track themselves.

Overall, Nolan HCS had a wonderful experience at the operations conference and looks forward to bringing the lessons learned at this conference to life in the practices we support.

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