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San Antonio Paid Sick Leave Ordinance - What do you need to know?

Is your practice ready for the new San Antonio Paid Sick Leave Ordinance? If you have 6 or more employees, this new regulation takes effect in the next few weeks. Below we break down the ordinance and what you can do to prepare.

* Effective on 8/1/19 for employers with 6 or more employees; Effective on 8/1/21 for employers with 5 or less employees

* Applies to employees who work at least eighty (80) hours in a year

* Employees earn 1 hour of sick leave per 30 hours worked (this includes OT hours)

* For employers with up to 15 employees, baseline is 48 hours of Paid Sick Leave

* For employers with 16 or more employees, baseline is 64 hours of Paid Sick Leave

* Unused Paid Sick Leave is carried over to the following year - unless employer makes baseline amount available at the beginning of the year

* Employer can adopt verification procedures for paid sick time for more than 3 consecutive work days

This ordinance is similar to the one adopted in the Austin metroplex and is going to come with some hiccups. A couple of tips to help get ready:

* Make sure that any payroll service you use is aware of the upcoming changes and has the ability to accrue paid sick leave

* Update policies to cover verification and the new sick leave policy

* Get a sign from the Metro Health Department to publicly display in the office

Have more questions? Nolan HCS is offering free 30 minute phone sessions to discuss the upcoming ordinance and ask questions. Check back to our website to see how to book online soon! We will also be at the Sick Leave Ordinance Information Session on Monday afternoon 2:00-3:30 at the SA Food Bank. Come see us there!

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