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We are a newly created health care consulting group, here to make the difficult simple for our medical providers. The thing we hear most is that physicians do not have the time to deal with things such as the revenue cycle, HR issues and operational efficiencies. And how can we expect them to? Physicians entered their field to treat patients, cure disease and provide good customer service, not to perform evaluations and write ups, learn how to bill each and every CPT code or monitor their schedule templates daily. That’s where we come in. With years of healthcare knowledge and experience, we are able to provide those services for small practices so that physicians can continue being doctors and the business is left to those of us with the time to manage it. 

While we have experience in hospital operations, our main focus is on the physician practice. A lot of great physicians are still practicing in groups of 5 or less and it is just not cost effective to hire a full time administrator. That’s where we can help - we have the capabilities to manage the important things without depleting all of your resources. 

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