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We pride ourselves, here at Nolan Health Care Solutions, on high customer service and satisfaction for all of our clients. Below are what a few of our clients are saying about us.

"After this long in practice, I can truly attest the existence of any one person who has the talents of gaining rapport with staff, the organizational skills to fine-tune a complicated practice, to create a timeline for critical goals in a business, to organize accounting, and to have networking and marketing savvy and do all of this with a smile and enthusiasm is a very rare and valuable individual.


In  short, I have been at this for 30 years, and she is the first person who has truly made a difference in my practice."

Dr. Woodward Coleman, The Hand and Thumb Specialty Centers

"As a dentist, I do not know much about management. With Lindsey's help, I have been able to implement new systems and protocols that allow me to hold my staff accountable. This has helped increase productivity as the team becomes more efficient. I don't know what we would've done without her!"

Dr. Shiva Izaddoust, SA Family Dental

I have had the pleasure of working with Lindsey Nolan over the past six years as a member of senior leadership in the field of Health Care Administration.  She consistently demonstrated an innate ability to break down problems into understandable and therefore manageable tasks.  Her responsibilities ran from handling human resource and patient experience issues to the financial management of multiple departments.  She trained under some of the most knowledgeable and experienced leaders in their respective areas of expertise.  This training has served her well as she continues to excel in physician practice management; certainly one of the most dynamic and changing sectors of the health care business.  She understands the business of a physician practice from efficient scheduling and interaction with patients to growing a practice through effective marketing and outreach.  She is especially talented in all financial aspects of a practice including budgeting, revenue cycle, managed care contracting, capital spending management and  GAAP accounting principles.  In short, she will make your practice better while you concentrate your time on your patients.

Allen Strickland, University Health System

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